Courses in expressive arts therapy, creativity and creative self-healing

Radical self-healing through creative, feminine and nature-based rituals. When you’ve tried everything and just long to come home.

Online courses for your wild, creative nature.

The HEAL-Keys. 24 days to radical, creative self-healing every day, for life.

“Thank you for our last webinar – it was fantastic. I love the creative communication style and your teaching, Karin. You’ve created such a healing process, I look forward to it every time. Many thanks! I’d love to participate again.”

Marija, art therapist

“Oooh, I am so excited to light the clear flame, connect to all of me, and let loose my creative powers! Music to my ears.
I believe it !! It is just magical to be in your online space. I will look forward to the next meeting.”

Sofia, artist.

In-person courses in Danish and English in Copenhagen


– a course in radical, natural self healing through feminine rituals and creativity.

“This is my heartful invitation to you. You’ve tried everything and talked about it for years. You’ve done your work in therapy. You long for something else. You miss depth, rituals, creativity – and having creative, feminine inspiration and support. You know it’s not all about getting more exercise, setting goals, meditation or a better pill – or even about positive thinking.”

Are you struggling with chronic stress that just won’t let up – even after years of therapy and personal development? Then I’ve created this course for you.

If you feel stranded, dried up, fed up, worn out, broken, flattened, stuck, shattered or broken, you are not alone. For years I was chronically sick and fought for my life. I spent thousands on cures, diets, therapy and courses. Sometimes I felt worse afterwards.
I tried everything and yes, some of it was really helpful. But I was still tired, in pain and felt flat, sad and wiped out. I couldn’t keep my friendships and romantic relationships very well and got into conflict – or was abandoned.

Nothing really helped. Because all my attempts to heal came from an idea that I wasn’t ok. Not good enough. I needed to change and become a better woman than I was. And the more I pushed and did from that place…the more I fought my real self. And the sicker and sadder I felt.

My soul’s own song – my creativity – could probably have brought me home. But it was the last thing I wanted to listen to. I did often dream of having a place, a group, a tribe or a forum to be in, where I could get support, healing and inspiration to find my feminine power, my life-force and creativity again.

The Art of Healing Yourself is the course I wanted to take back then! This course gives you all the rituals, exercises, and hacks I used to become whole again. I’ve collected all the best processes I have learned through 27 years of experience working as an expressive arts therapist and a psychologist and put it together for you.

Do you want a breakthrough to your own healing? Would you like to know creative, shamanistic and neuroaffective ways to effectively:

  • Find the resources you need to move ahead – from the most powerful part of yourself (you probably don’t even know it yet).
  • Connect lovingly with the most wounded parts of you so they can begin to heal.
  • Find your own way through the jungle of healing modalities out there by making your own creative map.
  • Gain insights and answers from your own inner therapist – like getting your personal soul-medicine.
  • Loosen up the inner conflicts that block your natural healing.
  • Change unconscious beliefs that hold you back from healing.
  • Draw a line in the sand. Let go of the old and create the new through rituals.
  • Awaken your primal powers and bring your ur-feminine power back to your life.
  • Find beauty, play and creativity in all your pain, so you have the strength to keep going.
  • Get a kind of support that supports you instead of holding you down.

What’s the course like?

We’ll be doing movement, sound, drama, imagery and healing rituals in a positive, safe and nourishing atmosphere. You will learn many ways of contacting your inner wisdom. We’ll work with your own creativity and imagination through Expressive Arts Therapy, shamanism, NLP, EFT tapping and coaching. Everything is held in a modern understanding of how your nervous system works.

The course is based on 13 powerful rituals that build on each other as a whole. 13 is a sacred number for the feminine and the basic number for the ancient moon calendar.

The rituals are like a yoga flow that gets easier and deeper each time you do it. You can use them again and again after you take the course. For healing one part of your life, and the next one, and the next one…

Maybe you’re thinking: “What’s self-healing”? Well, it’s something quite different from treatment and cure, which are often about others telling you what’s wrong with you and what you should do. Self-healing is about taking back all parts of you, coming back to yourself and listening to what your body and soul are saying to you. It’s about taking action from there. Not from an endless and exhausting list of shoulds.

Here’s what you get – and all the details!

The course will be in easy-to-follow Danish and translation can be arranged.

At Mitra, Sankt Knuds Vej 36, 2.sal, 1903 Frederiksberg C, (Copenhagen) Denmark

August 20th through 22nd 2021.

Price 3999.- if you have taken the course before 4299.- When you are new to the course


  • 20 minute initial interview for newcomers before you sign up.
  • 18 hours of intensive teaching.
  • All the best exercises, rituals and processes I have learned in 30 years of self-healing.
  • Beautiful, central location with access to cafes, hotels etc.
  • Basic, creative materials.
  • Informative e-book with all the exercises and rituals from the course.
  • Musical meditation for creative, sensitive types.
  • Access to follow up course online to have self-healing support in a tribe year-round.
  • A discount on future courses.

If you need to cancel I will refund you your full payment until 30 days before the course starts. After this date I do not issue refunds but you can save your payment for other courses or services when I have spots open.

There are five spots left for all of 2020/21. Click the button to sign up now. I am very excited to see you. I welcome you warmly!

This is what you agree to when you sign up

A clear set of ground rules and group culture that I clarify before we start. This is to support our ability to create an extraordinarily safe, supportive, warm and nourishing group.

To read the e-book all the way through and set a clear intention before we start. I will send you emails to support you in doing that.

This isn’t psychotherapy, group therapy, a therapy course or a process group. This course doesn’t replace necessary medical, psychological, therapeutic and other treatments. This course presupposes that you’ve been to therapy a great deal already and are ready for something very different.

Not totally clear and ready to sign up? Here is a bit more to help you decide.

The course isn’t for your right now if you:

  • Need therapy and unconditional holding and care while you work through a crisis, illness, trauma or grief. You are welcome to ask me for therapy or referral to another therapist.
  • Are too exhausted and sick for an intensive course like this one and need more time at home to recover.
  • Don’t feel up for communicating in a certain way for a whole weekend.
  • Believe more in your story about what’s wrong with you and the world than your ability to change.
  • Have a tendency to focus on the negative (don’t we all) and are unwilling to let it go for a few days.
  • Are looking for a teacher or therapist to tell you the answers and what to do.
  • Want to learn techniques you can use with your clients and students – and don’t really want to work on yourself.

You are welcome at the course another time if that changes! Call me if you are still unsure and want to know more before you sign up.

I don’t guarantee specific results. But I’ve seen great progress and breakthroughs in all the participants who have been ready to give it a 100% and be fully present at the course.

Click here and sign up. Can’t wait to share this with you!

What other people are saying about the course:

“It’s so good. It goes so deep. It’s life changing. I have no doubt it will bring me more joy in my everyday life.”

“Thank you for this course! What a weekend it was! It has really made a deep impression. I am blossoming like Spring itself – and I’ve just said YES to my first art show. This was just great, Karin – incredibly powerful course.”

“A fantastic course!”

“There is no quick fix for getting over a depression without medication, but, but… Thanks to your courses “The Art of Healing Yourself” with the great advice, counsel and tools, I have made it. I, my family and people around me are beside themselves with joy. Many, many thanks.”

“This course is a gift, starts new life, can feel my body again. It’s perfect. 1000 times thank you for a fantastic weekend that I am still on a high from. It’s hard when everyday life kicks in but the changes are so deep that they won’t let go. In a way I feel reborn.”

“I warmly recommend this course. It helped turn my life around. Karin is so strong and present as a course leader.”

“My ears are no longer blocked!! Yes!! After having been in a bell jar for 4 months, it is great to be connected to the world again. Great to sing in my choir, well, generally just to feel connected to life. I keep looking at my clay figure to remind myself that life had gotten stuck in my ears. I couldn’t take in any more and now I am UNPLUGGED!”

“Not sure how to put my gratitude into words. You are the teacher who verbalized and concretized my sensitivity for me. Much fell into place and that has supported me in my acceptance of myself.”

“I am so grateful for the timing of my joining this course. I have an experience of being whole and good enough that was anchored at a deeper level. That has meant that I’ve been with myself in a new, deep and simple way. Both when I have felt appreciated and met, and when I have felt overwhelmed and frustrated and not met. …I think you’ve created a fantastic course. It’s been a very deep, intense and satisfying process. I have experienced what I wanted: to be myself in connection with another person and be fully received.”

“I felt that there was a space for me here just as I am. I had become sick, fat and faded from being in environments where I did not feel seen. I was like a satellite, all alone. At this course I found partners on the same wavelength. It is rare that I get to challenge myself, but I did here. It is a multidimensional course. …I felt like I unfolded like a flower. I learned to lift up other women and have started telling them they are beautiful if I think they are. I have also noticed that I no longer let patriarchs define and set the agenda for my life. I highly recommend this course for other highly sensitive, creative, spiritual and open people who have the courage to take the plunge…”