New body/soul-nourishing course for tired healers

New body/soul-nourishing course for tired healers

New body/soul-nourishing course for tired healers 2560 2560 Karin von Daler Healing Arts

Create, play, and rest yourself WHOLE

A creative, nurturing, and playful stress and trauma-sensitive personal growth and supervision program for tired caregivers.

  • Are you a therapist, teacher, healer, educator, social or health professional and want to feel less stressed, empty, and burnt out? Would you like to feel safer, more alive, and energized – more whole and at home in yourself?
  • Do you struggle to set boundaries? Do you forget to give yourself the care and attention you give others? Do you tend to avoid conflict and instead smile/rage or withdraw?
  • Do you find it easy to help others and hard to find or receive good help for yourself?
  • Are you overwhelmed and trying to manage a lot of never-ending tasks that are neither satisfying nor meaningful to you? Are you still unsure about what you want from your work life? Do you always fail to prioritize what’s most important for your body and soul because it’s last on your list?
  • Have you been stressed or burnt out and struggling to find your rhythm and path again?
  • Are you open to learning and changing by looking at yourself and your patterns and shifting them, but maybe you’re not sure how? Have you tried many different therapies and treatments, but never really integrated what you learned?

If this sounds a bit like you, my guess is that your relationship with yourself is in need of some healing.

Perhaps you’ve lost – or never fully developed – true and self-loving confidence in yourself and thus your connection to your own body-soul, your gifts and calling – and to others.

In this brand new course, made especially for our times, you will have the opportunity to create, play, and learn how to have a better relationship with yourself, so you can begin to heal, and help others in a healthier way.

About the course

Through play, creativity, and safe contact with yourself and others, activate the most highly developed and “healthiest” function of your nervous system, the social engagement system. From here, you can better take care of yourself when interacting with others and enjoy it. Specifically, you can learn to love yourself more and give yourself care and compassion. You will also learn tools to get out of the fight, flight, freeze, and fawn responses.

Using self-loving inner dialogues and role-playing, you will become more confidently connected to yourself and others and, according to research, secrete more oxytocin, the love hormone that controls or influences all your other hormones, making you healthier and happier. By using breathing, singing, and humming, you stimulate your nervous system and organism to regenerate and rest.

Through movement and meditative “dancing,” you’ll learn how to create a deep and safe connection with others and learn to be seen and see others.

Plus find out how to rest your way to a better life. Yes, you read that right, We will rest together, in safe contact, with guided and musical meditations and drawing/mini paintings. Create small self-care rituals that work and fit in your everyday life.

We will work with three learning methods. Your personal development will be at the center and serve as the basis for learning and supervision.

  1. Self-development and creative work on your relationship with yourself.
  2. Short and concise teaching presentations on the best trauma and stress theories and methods that I have learned through years of work as a trauma therapist and educator, and the art therapy methods that I have developed to work with stress and trauma. This includes Expressive Arts Therapeutic Integral Trauma Healing, Creative Mindfulness, Embodied Imaging, and not least The Art of Self-Healing Cards, which are included in the course.
  3. Supervision of your work with clients, pupils, students, users, citizens, etc. There will be a special focus on your role, and your countertransference. How your own insecurity and stress affect the themes you struggle with the most in your encounters with others, and how you can become a better and healthier helper by working with these aspects. There will be no case studies.

If you help others and want to draw, play, sing, and grow yourself more safely, healthily, and in a friendly group, this course may be for you.

We start with a pilot group that meets physically in the Copenhagen area, and later there will be an opportunity for something similar online.

The practical details:

We will meet approximately once a month for four hours from January 2024 in my office in Copenhagen or online, depending on what you would prefer. The program will run for 6 sessions over the course of about six months. Dates and times will be chosen based on what suits most people: either Thursdays from 15-19, Saturdays from 10-14, or Fridays from 13-17.

The price is 1399 DKK per session, paid in monthly installments, or 7900 DKK for full payment of the entire course. The program is a coherent whole, and you commit to the entire program and to be present for all four hours when we are together. Cancellation due to illness and the like is of course perfectly acceptable.

If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to reach out to me here. I look forward to hearing from you.



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