How to heal your thoughts with creativity

How to heal your thoughts with creativity

How to heal your thoughts with creativity 2560 2560 Karin von Daler Healing Arts

Hey there and welcome to the first blog post of the summer!

Can you heal and transform your thoughts with creativity? It might sound a bit strange. Isn’t working with thoughts more of a cognitive therapy thing?

Well, my thoughts aren’t always creative or cool either. They tend to repeat themselves and can be overly critical. I’m sure you can relate. Our thoughts can bring a lot of suffering, both to ourselves and others.

But thoughts come from our minds. And our minds are also where our imagination and ability to dream up new ideas for a better future can sprout. It is where we can take journeys into our dreams.

I think that good therapy and self-healing should cover all aspects of our human experience—body, mind, soul, and spirit. And I think creativity can play a big role in all those areas, including our thoughts.

Picture this: you have this thought, “I have to do X right now (insert whatever task you’re struggling with), and it has to be perfect so that everyone loves it.” How does that thought make you feel? Probably tired, stressed, and far from creative?

But what if we give that thought a little creative twist? Let’s rewrite it to be more honest, objective, relaxed, logical, and helpful.

How about something like: “I’m allowing myself to enjoy doing X at my own pace, having fun with it, so that I can genuinely enjoy the process and maybe even inspire some of the folks who see/hear/read it.” How does that thought make you feel? Personally, it makes me feel more relaxed (my shoulders drop a bit), more playful, and lighter.

With a simple and creative shift in perspective, we can transform our entire experience. By playing creatively with our thoughts, we can liberate ourselves from unnecessary suffering right here, right now.

I’ve made a few new videos where I share the techniques I use with my clients and students (and on myself too!) to work with creativity in body, mind, soul, and spirit. I hope they inspire you to explore your own creative and innovative mind.

Let your most creative thoughts guide you toward a more meaningful and inspired life.

With love and creativity,