How to heal yourself through your natural creativity

How to heal yourself through your natural creativity

How to heal yourself through your natural creativity 1587 2099 Karin von Daler Healing Arts

The peace and quiet of summer are here. I hope nature and the slower rhythms are healing and nourishing for your body and soul. But underneath it all summer can also feel like emptiness, loneliness, or confusion – especially after times of crisis.

You feel like you need more of a foothold in the known. You want to know what is going to happen. You want the happy life everybody else seems to be living. After a crisis, I often have wanted to go back to what I had or had thought I should have. What I had planned for myself. But I never succeeded.

Luckily, I have a wise, creative, and much-loved friend, who is visiting from the US right now. She once taught me to see it quite the other way around. Crises and the silence that can come right after is exactly where we can take a leap forward, grow, sprout, or experience total transformation. She taught me to see that after a crisis we can let go of the frozen images of ourselves and take a whole new direction, gaining new ground in ourselves.

In rituals around the world the initiates often get exposed to something that puts them in a kind of crisis, loss, or confusion before they can come out of the ritual changed, i.e. go from child to adult, from unbaptized to baptized, etc. It is called the liminal phase. Limen means threshold, transition, limit. It is the visit to the borderland, the fluid, the uncertain, the boundaries, the confusion that creates the opportunity for change. The crisis, the uncertainty are the breeding ground for creativity – for creating. This ancient wisdom tells us that we have a unique collective opportunity to create massive change in the world right now.

Maybe you are waiting for things to become stable in your life so that you can live what you long for, that which fills up and presses on your heart from the inside, like an acorn press on its shell to unfold and become an oak tree.

But the reality is just the opposite. If we wait for the right time to unfold, we will miss the opportunity. Things become firm and orderly again, everyday life hardens and closes down your longing and the opportunity to sprout creatively in a new and unexpected direction.

If you want powerful, loving, and creative support to find and create a new path for yourself, you have the opportunity right now.

On August 20-22. I am offering the course The Art of Healing Yourself in Copenhagen as a physical course. You will get all the tools you need to find your way in the area you have been most confused and upset about. The area you most long for to change. The area that it would make the biggest difference for your entire life to have a breakthrough in.

Work, love, health, creativity are the most common areas people choose to work with.

You can read here about what the many others who have taken the course have gained from it. It’s quite inspiring: The course simply teaches you to heal yourself all the way through – using your own, deep and natural creativity.

You’ll come into deep contact with the feminine: your body, nature, intuition, your feelings, which gives you the power to create something completely new in your life. Due to the corona crisis, and to take care of everyone, I am keeping the course small and you, therefore, get lots of direct support and coaching from me. I will teach in Danish and English if you come. I would love to see you make a big breakthrough in the life you want.

Take the chance, listen to the call of your heart, to the pressure from within to become ALL of you. With love and creativity! Karin

PS: I have extended the discount price so you can take advantage of that. The discount price is only valid for one more week, so sign up today if there is something calling to you.

PPS: If you live far away and would like to work with me – no worries. I will be doing these courses online in the Fall and Winter.