Let go of your stress – not your taste in music.

Therapists, artists, parents and sensitive people all over the world use EASE from Meditations for the Creative Soul. They’ve told us it helps them let go of stress and tension without shutting down their creativity. And without having to listen to endlessly repetitive, synthetic music.

EASE represents a completely new approach to soundscape/new age/ethno and meditation and awakens and moves your senses. We’ve developed it for you if you work with creativity.

Meditations for the Creative Soul are guided meditations that go deep into selected psychological themes accompanied by music composed to be gentle and yet evocative.

The combination of guided meditation and specially composed music helps to calm your nervous system and increases your inner peace and presence.

VON DALER Meditations for the Creative Soul are created by Karin von Daler and her brother, Asger von Daler, a musician, composer and IT-designer. These meditations are the result of their creative collaboration and builds on the latest research on the effects of meditation, hypnosis, trauma work, NLP, mindfulness and the creative arts therapies.

This meditation is recorded live in the historic public radio broadcast building in Copenhagen. It incorporates selected sounds from the harp, erhu, piano strings and classical guitar in professional sound quality.

Listen and let yourself melt into relaxed, creative flow.

Minutes: 10.37

Written by Karin von Daler
Produced by Asger von Daler
Recorded by India Hooi

Asger von Daler – acoustic guitar, percussion and acoustic effects
Karin von Daler – Harp and speak
India Hooi – Erhu, flute and piano

Copyright 2020 von Daler Meditations for the Creative Soul ©

“Beautiful, pleasant, and dynamic. It reminds me of the ocean. Waves that beat gently against the beach. Late afternoon, low sun, light breeze. Boats far out on the horizon. Heading towards another continent? Inspiring. Motivating. Maybe it awakens my desire to travel? Discovering something new? Something exotic? Something mysterious? I rest in the music, in the waves. It’s refreshing and calming.”

Solgerd, Art Therapist

“Your meditation quickly helped me out of feeling anxious about the anxiety I was feeling. It was so lovely.”

Helle, consultant