Solstice ritual for your guiding light

Solstice ritual for your guiding light

Solstice ritual for your guiding light 507 676 Karin von Daler Healing Arts

Solstice ritual for your guiding light


Well, we finally reached the end of the difficult, intense, and transformational 2020.

The darkness of the December new moon has fallen and we are approaching the winter solstice.

Many of us have experienced loss and pain this year. My heart is grieving over having lost my beloved grandmother a few days ago. But I know that in all sorrow lives the seed of the new. In the dark, even the smallest light shines brightly. That’s in my granny’s spirit. She loved to cry, laugh, and sing for joy and for grief and kept doing it until a few days before she left the planet.

I feel the same way. I find comfort and inspiration during dark times in these wise words from Danish poet Brorson:

“When the heart is most in pain, the harp of joy is tuned.”

The fact that we mourn and are awake in the dark opens our hearts for greater joy, meaning and love.

The darkness is fertile, and right now something new can be born in you, between us and around the earth, like a shining star in the winter night sky.

The old nature-based traditions also say that the winter solstice has special powers to send you dream-visions, intuition, and clarity about what is on its way to you from the deep, fertile darkness. Think of a budding seed in the deep, dark soil or a growing baby in the womb.

In the midst of a dark night where we lie awake and unhappy and lost, a certain clarity, decision, and path can show up as a bright shining star in the deep, dark sky. From this clarity, what we desire can slowly be born into our daily lives.

This ritual is based on that power, and I made it for you.

It allows you to drop the old year, find your guiding star again, and plant powerful seeds that can germinate in 2021! It is art therapy, shamanism and neuroaffective self-healing in one.

I would love to hear from you if you would like to send me your thoughts, photos or music from doing the ritual. And I will enjoy doing the ritual with you.

Much love and thank you for joining me here in 2020, it was really good to be in it all together.


Here comes the ritual:

Feel free to change any detail, but the frame works! When I invite you to draw and write, you can choose to dance or sing instead. 

It is very simple and takes an hour all the way through.

You will need:

Diary / pad, paper, pen, paints, and maybe some fabric or rocks, or other beautiful materials.

First step:

Take all the good with you.

First, you write down everything you are really happy to have created and created in 2020. Small and large.

Write words and make drawings and doodles of everything you want to keep and cultivate a little more. Feel the emotions you have in your body while enjoying it.

Second step:

Let go and learn from what was difficult.

Write down what has been hard, terrible, challenging, etc. (hello, 2020!).

Now write down or draw what you have learned from it (or are learning). Make room for all your emotions here and let yourself express it all without having to make anything pretty. Forget grammar and aesthetics. 

Now write down the most important learning and save it in your diary or another good place.

Let go of everything you want to get rid of: Tear the paper, burn it safely or put it back for paper recycling. Feel the effects in your body and imagine that it flies away and disappears from you.

Third step:

Create the new.

Now write or draw what you long for, and really want to create in the next year. This is not about setting goals. It’s about what you really long for and desire. What wants to grow and shine in you?

Be specific and let your unconscious play along: Listen to and FEEL your body, the inner images, your spontaneous impulses, your dreams.

This could be better health, a beautiful and healing relationship, a job that supports you and your life, a clearer calling, or exhibiting your art. Be honest and let yourself know what you most want and want.

Write or make a picture, a collage or a sculpture about everything you want to create. 

Fourth step:

Plant the new in time and space.

Imagine your life on a physical timeline or time arc in the room your are in.

Take what you have written down or drawn about what you want to create and long for, and “lay” it down in the future, physically, on the floor. You can use your words, drawings, beautiful stones, fabric, symbols or whatever you want to make it visible and clear.

Put yourself “in the future” and experience each of the new goals, intentions and experiences as if they have already happened. Bring all your senses into it so you can hear and taste what it is like to LIVE there when all this has unfolded.

I look forward to hearing what you experience. Feel free to share the ritual with others.