A creative end of year ritual for hope and resilience

A creative end of year ritual for hope and resilience

A creative end of year ritual for hope and resilience 2560 2560 Karin von Daler Healing Arts

A ritual to guide you through the dark and into the new

Feel free to change anything as you do this ritual! When I invite you to draw and write, you can choose to dance or sing instead. It is very simple and takes an hour all the way through.

You will need:

Journal/pad, paper, pen, paints, and maybe some fabric, rocks, or other beautiful materials.

First step:

Take all the good stuff with you.

First, you write down everything you are really happy to have created and created in 2023. Big and small.

Write words and make drawings and doodles of everything you want to keep and cultivate a little more. Feel your body as you savor and enjoy it.

Second step:

Let go and learn from what was difficult.

Write down what has been hard, terrible, challenging, etc.

Now write down or draw what you have learned from it (or are learning). Make room for all your emotions here and let yourself express it all without having to make anything pretty. Forget grammar and aesthetics.

Now write down the most important learning and save it in your diary or another good place.

Let go of everything you want to get rid of: Tear the paper, burn it safely, or put it in paper recycling. Feel the effects in your body as you imagine all of it flying away and dissolving into space far from you.

Third step:

Create the new.

Now write or draw what you long for, and want to create in the next year. This is not about setting goals. It’s about what you long for and desire. What wants to grow and shine in and from you?

Be specific and let your unconscious play: Listen to and FEEL your body, the inner images, spontaneous impulses, and dreams.

This could be better health, a beautiful and healing relationship, a job that supports you and your life, a clearer calling, or showing your art. Be honest and let yourself know what you most want and want.

Write or make a picture, a collage, or a sculpture about everything you want to create. Or you can just write it down with some love.

Fourth step:

Plant the new in time and space.

Imagine your life on a physical timeline or time arc in the room you are in.

Take what you have written down or drawn about what you want to create and long for, and “lay” it down in the future, physically, right there on the floor where your future is. You can use your words, drawings, beautiful stones, fabric, symbols, or whatever you want to make it visible and clear.

Put yourself in the future – physically – and experience each of the new goals, intentions, and experiences as if they have already happened, they are real, right now. Bring all your senses into it so you can hear and taste what it is like to LIVE there when all this has unfolded.

I look forward to hearing what you experience. Happy creative healing and imagining.




Art and words by Karin von Daler ©