The Soul Nourishing Ritual for Your New Year

The Soul Nourishing Ritual for Your New Year

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Oh, how I’ve been looking forward to writing this blog. I’ve been working hard on something you’ll see down below. But doing this New Year’s ritual for you and for myself is something I don’t want to miss!

This is:

The New Year ritual that gives your life direction and feeds your soul:

Our culture has forgotten that we need rites of passage in order to mark and help us through life’s many changes. One exception is our various holidays, such as the New Year, when people sing, kiss, and drink champagne, or as the Danes do: jump into the new year from a chair

This is a ritual you can do whenever you feel confused about your direction or need to start fresh. The ritual has four steps.

It’s simple and takes about half an hour to do.

It allows you to reap the lessons from the past year and let them go as you get in touch with what you long to create in the coming one.

You will need: Paper to draw and write on a pen, crayons, or maybe some fabric, stones, or meaningful symbols from your home or nature.

First step: Take all the good with you:

First, write down everything you’re happy to have created and experienced in the past year. You can also doodle it. Give yourself time to feel your excitement and pride about these accomplishments ― big or small.

Second step: Learn from what was hard and let go of what you don’t need:

Write or draw about what’s been hard and challenging in the past year. For each experience reflect on what you can learn from it. Make room for your emotions here ― forget about grammar and aesthetics.

Then look at what you have and decide what you no longer want or need. Now let it go: tear the paper, burn it (in a safe way) or throw it out for recycling. Hopefully, you’ll feel some relief from this step.

Third step: Create the new:

Write down what you desire to create in the coming year. Be honest and specific: Feel your body, and notice any inner images or words that come up. Make room for your dreams.

Write about or draw everything you want to create. As you do it, imagine it’s already happening. Enjoy it with all your senses.

Fourth step: Plant the new in time and space:

Imagine your life on a visual timeline right where you are. Decide where the past, present and future are. Take your writing or drawings from step three and lay them physically on the floor in the “future” on the timeline. If you’d like, decorate it with symbols, stones, fabric, or symbols. This should feel like a sacred and loving act that makes your vision of the future compelling.

Stand in the future and experience each of the new goals, intentions, and experiences as if they have already happened. Let all your senses get involved so you can see, hear, smell, taste, and sense what it’s like to live there. Notice how you’re breathing, moving, and standing. Notice who you are here.

I hope you had a wonderful time and found a beautiful vision of your new year ahead.

I wish you a peaceful and magical holiday!

With love & creativity,


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